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restarting as horde on Executus EU!

Palafjant, May 16, 11 1:22 AM.
Klappa Katten is a newly restarted guild from the alliance side on Executus EU. Now with Cataclysm out and firelands incoming we are starting over as horde here on Executus EU.

Klappa Katten started out around WoTLK launch by some IRLs as a very small swedish 10man only guild with tight members. We managed to clear Naxxramas and got 12/14 down in Ulduar before the guild split up when half of our core members chosed to move on in life and took a break from WoW. The ones who was left either switched to a new server and started up a guild there (Looking at you Fordhunter with crew, we miss you guys!) while others joined various raid guilds on the server. We are now back as hordies and more hungry than ever! So if you think you would fit into this guild as a raider you should absolutely make an application!

Guild ranks and what they mean:

Member - Casual members. Can sign up for raids but raiders got prio on the spots.
Trial Raider - Members wishing to become raiders and are under evaluation. Prio over members for raidspots.
Raider - the main raiding team they got prio on raiding spots.
Officers - The guild masters right, left and back arm.
Guild Master - Murdin

The following part is solely for the ones who wishes to become a raider of <Klappa Katten>. If you just wish to be a member of <Klappa Katten> just /w anyone online in the guild and you'll get an invite.

What we are looking for:
- People with brains! (DPS who can pull decent amount of damage while still know how to survive and not take avoidable damage. Healers who enjoy a challenge and know how to maximize mana usage while still being able to keep everyone alive. Dedicated tanks who knows how to gear/gem/reforge his gear to optimize his performance and being an aggromachine).

- People who knows their class in and out! (You dont necessary have to been playing on that specific character since vanilla, but we require you to know how to play your class and how to perform the best you can with it, that means that you are reading wow-related sites such as elitistjerks, mmo-champion etc. on a daily basis).

- Hungry people! (People who are as hungry for progress as we are and taking their time to read up on new tactics that they dont know, looking for specific tips for their role for some hard boss encounters that we struggle with etc.)

Requirements to apply for a raider rank:
- All of the above.
- 346 minimum equipped itemlevel in your PvE mainspecc gear with full enchants and fully gemmed with proper enchs/gems/reforging. (the ilvl requirement is just because you simply need atleast full hc gear before you can perform well enough in raids).
- and.....most importantly of all....A BRAIN!

So you are perfect for us? Great! just make an application so we can get to know you better and we'll look forward to meeting you awesome dude! :D
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